Uburyo Buboneye bwo Kugaburira Umwana

Year of Publication: 2009

This poster is designed and adapted from the national counseling card. All images and key messages are taken from national counseling card, harmonized and tailored to the target audience.

The poster provides the following messages:

–Promotes complementary feeding, particularly meal frequency and diet diversity among HHs with children under 2 years

–Encourages men’s (fathers’) attention and involvement in the daily child feeding and care

–Targets mainly households with children under 5 years

It can be used by care providers during health education at health facilities, and community volunteers can use it during their messaging sessions at community level via village nutrition school (VNS) and community health clubs (CHCs). The poster can also be used by local leaders during UMUGANA day or as didactic materialsto pass on messages about complementary feeding.

Iyi fashanyigisho, yakozwe hifashishijwe “national counseling card”. Amashusho n’ubutumwa burimobyakozwe hagendewe kuri iyi “national counseling card”. Iteganyijzwe gukoreshwa mu gutanga ubutumwa bugamije guhindura imyitwarire y’abagize umuryango urimo umwana uri munsi y’imyaka itanu. Ikubiyemo ubutumwa bugenewe ababyeyi cg abarera umwana wo munsi y’imyaka 5 bugamije guteza imbere imirire iboneye ku mwana wo munsi y’imyaka itanu. Igenewe mbere na mbere ababyeyi cyangwa abarezi ba’abana bari munsi y’imyaka itanu. Ikindi, ikoreshwa n;abatanga serivisi y’ubuvuzi, abajyanama b’ubuzimana cyangwa abakoreshabushake muri kominote mu gihe barimo gutanga inyigisho zijyanye ko guteza imbere ifashabere.