Outdoor Media

This outdoor sign reminds the public that even though some people have received the COVID-19 vaccine, everyone should remember that the pandemic is still circulating and that they must continue to practice preventive measures.

The banner was conceived and disseminated by the Ministry of Health in Rwanda. It intends to reinforce official existing efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19 in Rwanda.

Poster_Uburyo Buboneye bwo Kugaburira Umwana

This poster is designed and adapted from the national counseling card. All images and key messages are taken from national counseling card, harmonized and tailored to the target audience.

The poster provides the following messages:

--Promotes complementary feeding, particularly meal frequency and diet diversity among HHs with children under 2 years

--Encourages men's (fathers') attention and involvement in the daily child feeding and care

--Targets mainly households with children under 5 years

Isuku yo mu rugo_ Sukura kandi Utunganye Imbuga yawe kugirango Itekane

This poster is meant mainly to promote compound hygiene at the household level.

It calls on the intended audience to create home "safe playspace" at their homes, to keep the compound clean to avoid contact with animal wastes and to live in a separate house with domestic animals so as they prevent their under 5 children from oro-fecal diseases and to adopt handwashing at critical times.

This booklet  was published by the  Rwanda Ministry of Health via the Division of Malaria and RHCC. It provides information on the Rwandan government's strategy for the eradication of malaria in the country.

In addition, it provides information on the following:

  • What is malaria?
  • Signs and symptoms of malaria
  • Rwanda's efforts to end malaria

Ce panneau a été produit par Rwanda Biomedical Centre montre les differentes mesures mises en place pour prévenir le virus d'Ebola qui sont: