About the Rwanda Compass

What is the Rwanda Compass?

The Rwanda Compass offers a curated collection of Social and Behavior Change (SBC) resources, materials and guidelines that have been designed for and implemented in Rwanda. The collection offers materials and resources that have been approved by the Health Promotion and Social Determinants Technical Working Group (HP&SD TWG), as well as government policies and guildelines that guide your SBC projects in Rwanda. Each item in the Rwanda Compass has been reviewed by the HP&SD TWG to ensure it was developed using the best practices of SBC. The Rwanda Compass is connected to the Global Compass, which offers SBC resources from the global community.

What does the Rwanda Compass offer?

The Rwanda Compass is designed to help avoid duplication and to provide a resource for Social and Behavior Change practitioners. Specifically, the Rwanda Compass offers:

  • An online application process for approval of materials and messages
  • A growing repository (and history) of approved materials and messages for Rwanda
  • Guidelines, policies and protocols for Rwanda
  • A searchable list of active partners in Rwanda
  • A list of key events and activities taking place in Rwanda
  • Direct access to global resources hosted on the Global Compass
  • Links to Springboard, the online community of SBC professionals

How do my materials get included in the Rwanda Compass? 

The Rwanda Compass is a curated collection of Rwanda-specific resources that have either received approval by the Health Promotion and Social Determinants Technical Working Group (HP&SD TWG) or are being shared by the government to help guide your programs. Materials must be submitted and approved by the HP&SD TWG before being published on the Rwanda Compass.

Prior to submitting for HP&SD TWG application include, ensure that your materials are:

  • Evidence-based
  • Created using a strategic process
  • Designed for and implemented in Rwanda
  • Pretested
  • Complete and final

When submitting an application for approval, please ensure that your application is complete as it provides necessary information for the review process, as well as collecting and sharing on the Rwanda Compass. Submit an Application for Approval.

What do I do if I want to use or adapt one of the materials I find in the Rwanda Compass?

We provide this database as a resource for Social and Behavior Change professionals. If you would like to make use of, or adapt, any of the items you find in the Rwanda Compass, please contact the producer of the material. Further use of any of the materials in the database is the responsibility of the user. If you need more help or are unable to connect with the producer, write to Rwanda Health Communication Center. For more information about adapting materials, check out our How-to-Guide: How to Adapt SBCC Materials.

Who manages the Rwanda Compass?

The Rwanda Compass is a project managed by a team of Social and Behavior Change (SBC) experts at the Rwanda Health Communication Centre. The team works in collaboration with SBC experts from many local, national, and international groups. The Rwanda Compass team welcomes your suggestions, comments, and questions. We look forward to working with you to share your organization’s SBC resources and to help you find the resources you need to do your job. You can contact Kamali Fulgence.

Who is Who in the Rwanda Health Sector?

The Rwanda Health Communiation Centre (RHCC) is the communication arm of the entire health sector. It is responsible for leading the Health Promotion and Social Determinants Technical Working Group (HP&SD TWG), the design and implementation of Social and Behavior Change (SBC) activities within the districts and at the national level, and coordination of SBC interventions between partners and among funders. RHCC is a cross-cutting division under the Rwanda Biomedical Center, and part of the Rwanda Ministry of Health