This is part of a video series on malaria. In this video, viewers see service providers urging patients to adhere to their chosen method of family planning, and at the same time addresses misinformation about the causes of malaria. Also included is information about preventing malaria, malaria treatment, and community engagement. 

This video, part of a series of videos about malaria, addresses behavior of both men and women in combatting malaria.  It also shows men and women taking part in planning their families.  

This video, part of a series of videos about malaria, shows treatment practices at the village level.  It also addresses the negative socio-economic effect of malaria on the family. In addition, the video addresses family planning and community engagement in malaria prevention.

This video is part of a series on malaria.  It highlights measures communities must take to prevent malaria. It also addresses the various treatment stages and the impact of malaria on children. 

This video on malaria illustrates common signs of malaria at the early stage. Characters illustrate how a family's lack of adherence to family planning can be more susceptible to becoming victims of malaria. 

This poster, produced by the Rwanda Ministry of Health. provides key information on child Immunization. It emphasizes that parents are requested to immunize their children, and explains that starting from birth, a child should be immunized in accordance to the immunization programme of the Ministry of Health.

This poster, produced by the Rwanda Ministry of Health, provides key information on balanced diet for pregnant women.

It states that a pregnant woman should eat a balanced diet in order to get all the required nutrients for herself as well as for the baby.