WHO recommended Guidelines for Epidemic Preparedness and Response: Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever (EHF) is a guideline produced by WHO intended to inform the World on the key facts for fighting Ebola
It is issued and revised when Ebola outbroke in Sierra Leone,Liberia, and DRC
this Guidelines provides you information on:
1. Ebola
2.Signs and symptoms of Ebola
3.How to burry the victime of Ebola
4.How to integrate victim of Ebola after the treatment

This  is a public notice issued by the Government of Rwanda through its Ministry of Health (MoH) about the Ebola epidemic. 

The Ministry published this notice in order to inform Rwandan citizens that the EVD case which was reported in the neighbouring town of Goma, DRC, should not be of concern.  It states that the Government of Rwanda, in collaboration with the health authorities in DRC, have established preventive measures to halt the spread of the virus in Rwanda. It also states that no case of Ebola has ever occurred in Rwanda.

This policy document provides an overall framework for health promotion development and practices in Rwanda. The National Health Promotion Policy (NHPP) promotes disease prevention, empowers communities to translate health information into desired action, and encourages community participation and ownership of health promotion related activities. The Health Promotion Policy was developed taking into consideration the HSSP III, Vision 2020, EDPRS II and the WHO recommendations to member countries on the need for formal policies on health promotion.