Triggering -Community Mobilization Guide

Year of Publication: 2022

This resource was developed by SNV nutrition experts and validated by the HP, SD&EH TWG.

It provides guidance on triggering communities for improved agro biodiversity and dietary diversity.

Triggering is a process that empowers local communities to address food and nutrition insecurity. It enables the communities to appreciate that there is a ‘silent’ problem of chronic malnutrition (stunting) caused by several factors including poor dietary diversity resulting in poor nutrition outcomes. Through the triggering process, communities will shift their focus from just eating food that fills their stomachs with energy to consciously growing (or buying) a diverse range of crops and eating a diverse range of food groups that provide them all the required nutrients all year round. The communities will then desire to change and this will propel them into action and will encourage innovations, mutual support, and appropriate local solutions, thus leading to greater ownership and sustainability as well as optimising their potential to improve nutrition outcomes of all the community members.

Users of this guide can feel free to adapt the material depending on new experience and existing realities in their environment. Users are encouraged to explore different ways of preparing for community nutrition triggering. Facilitators can feel free to be inventive and adaptive, to use their own best judgement in deciding what to do.

Igitabo kigenewe uhugura ni igitabo cyateguriwe abazafasha mu bukangurambaga bugamije gufasha abaturage mu gace runaka gusobanukirwa n’ibibazo bafite by’imirire mibi no kutihaza mu biribwa bukanabafasha gufatira hamwe ingambo zo guhangana n’ibyo bibazo bubashishikariza guhinga ubwoko bw’ibihingwa butandukanye ndetse no guhaha ibyo batabona mu musaruro w’ubuhinzi n’ubworozi kugira ngo babashe kwihaza mu biribwa mu gihe cy’umwaka wose.