SRHR Mobile content

Year of Publication: 2020

Save Generations Organization believes that information is power and that providing access to information to adolescents and youth is an important part of empowerment.

Using mobile technology as a driver for change, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and SMS can provide an avenue of interactive engagement. In addition, a mobile app can provide sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) information to adolescents and youth; that is considered an additional asset in terms of easing and increasing access to SRHR information, and thereby reducing negative community perceptions around SRHR.

Considering the COVID-19 crisis and its negative effect on adolescents and youth in school, including SGO rights holders since Mid-March 2020, in Rwanda the schools are closed to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Schools were one of the main sources of accurate SRHR information and served as safe spaces for adolescents and youth. In schools they could obtain accurate SRHR information provided by different partners in different platforms like school based clubs, and from there they could gain power to claim their SRH rights.

The SRHR mobile app is considered a solution in this context, as the students can still have access to SRHR information from their home, using their mobile phones.

Save generations organization ihamya neza ko amakuru ari ingenzi kandi kubona amakuru ni uburyo bwo kongererwa ubushobozi. Amakuru anyuze mu buryo bw’ikoranabuhanga hifashishijwe SRHR app, izafasha kongera amakuru yizewe ku ngimbi n’abangavu