Rwanda We Want Organization

Rwanda We Want Organization is a youth founded and led Non-government organization, Since its establishment in 2015 by a group of high school students, Rwanda We Want
Organization works with the youth with a youth empowerment agenda built on a strong belief
that if the future is to be in good hands, the youth must be empowered and equipped with the
skills and knowledge to allow them to exploit their full potential and become pillars of
sustainable development. With the mission of “empowering the youth and bring them together to
become the pillars of sustainable development” and vision of “Having a critical thinking youth
capable of designing and putting in place policies leading to sustainable peace and development”,
its programs target the youth and address challenges that affect them and those programs are
designed to be youth-friendly and meet the needs of the youth to be more appealing and

Area(s) of Focus

Democracy and Governance, Education, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Youth

Current Districts Working in Rwanda

Bugesera, Gasabo, Muhanga, Rulindo