Tumukunde Initiative

Tumukunde Initiative a Local charity based in Rwanda His started to support social welfare Programme in Rwanda Since 2010 aimed at improving living conditions and providing better education and training opportunities and health.
It has been 20 years since Rwanda wash bathed in blood from history’most effective killing spree.The brutal murder of nearly 1 Million people in 100 Days by machetes and clubs was one of the most horrific and tragic episodes in the 20th Century.
Rwanda is a Country that has begun to overcome its past and looking forward to its future .It has a growing economy ,still heavily based on agriculture and tourism . and a population looking to further Rwanda’s growth in all areas of commerce ,medicine and education.

The Association has a general aim to contribute to the physical ,mental and social well being of the Rwandan population .It will work to alleviate poverty and suffering through social welfare ,heath and education programmes. It will also contribute to the promotion of a Rwanda culture and to the moral well being of the population.

The objectives will be reached through the following:
-The promotion of projects giving access to new information technology and communication (NTIC)
– The promotion of Recreation and sports activities to improve social cohesion and reduce the risk of antisocial behaviour among children and the youth.
-The promotion project of Photography for youth living with HIV/AIDS
-The initiation of small and big income generating projects for Girls and Women.

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