Guidelines for Submitting an New Material

Thank you for submitting a new material for approval by the Health Promotion and Social Determinants Technical Working Group!

Please review these guidelines before you fill out the application. Click here for more detailed guidelines or a preparation checklist.

STEP 1: Complete the Application.

Fields with a * are required. You cannot save or submit an application without completing those fields.

STEP 2: Upload your Material.

Your material should be in pdf format and less than 10 MB in size. For more information on how to prepare your material for upload, see the guidelines.

STEP 3: Submit or Save your Application.

If your application is complete and ready for review, submit your application to the HP&SD TWG. You should receive a confirmation email. Once submitted you cannot make edits to your application until it is reviewed by the HP&SD TWG.
If your application is not complete and you need to come back to your application before submitting, make sure all required fields are complete (you can use placeholder text if you do not have text for that field yet) and save your application. When you are ready to complete it you can find it in your profile.


  1. If you do not have the information but you want to save the application for later, use placeholder text (such as xxxx).
  2. If you need to select more than one option from the dropdown menus, hold down the CTRL or command button to select your different options.
  3. Please note, after you submit you application, the approval process should take about two weeks. Click here for guidance on estimated timelines.
  4. A complete application will facilitate a more speedy review process.

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