Uburyo Wagaburira Umwana w'Amezi 6 - 24

Uburyo Wagaburira Umwana w'Amezi 6 - 24

Year of Publication: 

The Feeding Chart is a home- based, poster- sized chart with images of seven food groups, age- appropriate feeding frequency and shared parenting to promote optimal complementary feeding practices for children 6 – 24 months.

The Chart incorporates a self-assessment slider painted red and green for parents and caregivers to indicate which food groups were fed to their child in one day. The Feeding Chart is divided into three sections of images and should be explained to the audience starting from left to right.

Key messages promote continued breastfeeding, diet diversity, animal source food consumption and optimal meal frequency for children 6 – 24 months of age. Images depict the following:

• The left images show a mother and father sharing child feeding responsibilities. The two images promote continued breastfeeding + complementary feeding to begin at 6 months of age onwards.

• The second section contains key messages and images regarding frequency of feeding for children starting at 6 months. Images of the house and sun indicate the time of day to feed the child: morning, mid- morning, afternoon and evening. Images of bowls give guidance to parents and caregivers of when to feed full meals to the child. Images of fruit indicate when snacks are to be given. The 6 – 8 month feeding frequency group contains an image of two spoons which indicates the quantity to start complementary foods at 6 months. Note that the bowls contain more food as the child gets older.

• The next section shows images of 7 food groups which are grouped under 3 categories: Body- Building, Energy- Giving and Protective Foods.

• The final section on the right holds the self- assessment sliders for each food group. “Green” indicates when the food has been given to the child, and “Red” indicates that the child has not eaten that food group on that day.

Iyi fashanyigisho "feeding chart" ikubiyemo ubutumwa bw'amafoto n'amagambo birebana no guteza imbere imirire mwiza y'umwana uri hagati y'amazi 6 -24. Igegewe mbere na mbere ababyeyi n'abandi bagize umuryango ufite umwana ufite amezi hagati ya 6 - 24. Ihanikwa mu nzu, mucyumba cy'uruganiriro cyangwa ahandi mu nzi hagaraga cyane. Ababyeyi cyangwa abarezi bayikoresha bategura cyangwa bagirango babashe kwibuka ibyo bagaburiye abana babo umunsi ubanza, banateganye ibyo bategura umunsi ukuriye basimburanya amabara (basunika hirya cyangwa hino) ari kuri iyi fashanyigisho.