RIME COMPANY LTD (Research, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation) is a private organization created for the improvement of psychosocial wellbeing, health, human rights and development through technical assistance to institutions intervening in these areas. The vision of RIME COMPANY LTD is availability of needed information for development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects in mentioned fields; and easy access to competent human resource for the effective execution of these works. It is in that perspective that RIME COMPANY LTD has established "Rime Publishing House" and works with CSOs, Private and Government institutions contributing on sustainable development, especially for health promotion. Established in Rwanda in 2012, RIME COMPANY LTD is a multi-disciplinary organization that provide sustainable management consulting, advisory, project development and management and training services for both private and public sector. Our business philosophy is to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by delivering TIMELY, INNOVATIVE, COST-EFFECTIVE, and VALUE-ADDED (QUALITY) consulting solutions. The main objective of RIME COMPANY LTD is to provide basic information based on research through baseline studies, books, educational and learning materials publication and a technical assistance in formulation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of projects in health, psycho-social, human rights and development fields. Following human resource available and permission from Rwanda Development Board (RDB), RIME COMPANY LTD can execute different activities in health, psychosocial wellbeing, human rights and development sectors. RIME COMPANY LTD has the accreditation of Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC) as Continuing Professional Development Provider for Allied Health Professionals.

Other Area of Focus: 
Psychosocial Wellbeing, Community Mobilization for Behavior Change, Wellness
Current Districts Working in Rwanda: