Prepare Schizophrenia Patients for better future

Prepare Schizophrenia Patients for better future

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This video is one of a series of four videos featuring a senior Rwandan psychiatrist. The videos were created to support healthcare professionals (HCPs) to ensure that they can confidently support patients with schizophrenia to achieve the best outcomes.

This video covers the topic of preparing schizophrenia patients for a better future.

Each of the four video modules is described below.

Module 1: Treating Schizophrenia: A summation of clinical practice guidelines around diagnosis, initial evaluation, and treatment

Module 2: FGAs and SGAs: What You Need to Know: Serves as a refresher on Second Generation Anti-psychotics (SGAs), compares FGAs to SGAs, emphasizes the benefits of different choices available

Module 3: Collaborating With Patients: A tutorial on communicating, active listening, and goal setting with patients to optimize treatment

Module 4: Preparing for a Better Future: A guide to help HCPs improve long-term outcomes that focuses on relapse prevention and adherence to treatment

Distribution will be to psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses in the (12) national and provincial hospitals in the first phase and more broadly in the longer-term.

The script accompanying the video can be found here.

The booklet accompanying the video can be found here.

Iyi video uri kureba yateguwe na Minisiteri y'ubuzima mu Rwanda ifatanyije na Johnson& Johnson 

Kuyireba biratuma umenya byimbitse indwara ya Schizophrenia n'uburyo wafasha uyirwaye kwitegura ubuvuzi bw'igihe kirekire no gutegure ejo heza hazaza mu Rwanda. 

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