-People Living with HIV/AIDS

This brochure was developed by the HIV Division of the Rwanda Ministry of Health.  It intends to teach mothers who are infected by HIV how to protect their babies from contracting the disease while delivering. This was developed in 2016 and was distributed to all health centers in Rwanda.

The material provides brief information on:

  • What is HIV
  • How HIV is contracted
  • How the infected mother can protect her baby while delivering

Akamaro K'imiti Igabanya Ubukana Bwa Virusi Itera SIDA is a flyer produced by the HIV Division intended to provide key information on how people infected by HIV can take antiretroviral drug therapy (ART). This material targets specifically people infected by HIV who are starting this treatment.

It also provides key information on:

  • Management of HIV/AIDS
  • Anterotroviral drug therapy
  • HIV Management in Rwanda