This TV spot provides key information about Family Planning in Rwanda. It also provides information about the location of family planning services.  

This flyer provides information on how and why one should donate blood. It was produced by the National Center for Blood Transfusion

It provides information on:

  • Who needs donated blood?
  • Who should donate blood?
  • What is a blood group?
  • What happens after donating blood?

This booklet provides brief information on the process of becoming blood donor and a member of the National Center for Blood Transfusion.

It provides information on:

  • At what age one can become a blood donor
  • Criteria fpr becoming a blood donor member
  • Why one should become a blood donor
  • What are the reasons for not being a blood donor

Rwanda National Health Research Registry is an integrated database of medical research carried out in Rwanda.

The research reports that are included were analysed, presented, and approved by National Health Research Committee.

This video produced by the Rwanda Biomedical Center, offers information to sensitize the public about preventing non-communicable diseases. 

This pamphlet, created by the Rwanda Ministry of Health, is a teaching manual for Directors of Health at the District Level.
It was published and disseminated as a teaching manual to Directors of Health at District level.
This book provides needed package on how to prepare balanced diet.