This video brings discusses how communities should work together towards malaria prevention. It also shows how to integrate preventive measures into normal daily routines, and discusses the socioeconomic impacts of malaria on the country and on the family.  

This video instructs the viewer how to properly wash hands.  It is most appropriate for those living in urban areas where most facilities for hygiene are indoors.

This video provides instruction on the proper way to wash hands, and is most suitable to those living in rural areas.

This video provides instruction on how to properly brush one's teeth.  It is intended for those living in urban areas where hygiene facilities are located indoors. 

This video provides useful information on how to properly brush one's teeth. It is appropriate for those living in rural areas.

This is part of a video series on malaria. In this video, viewers see service providers urging patients to adhere to their chosen method of family planning, and at the same time addresses misinformation about the causes of malaria. Also included is information about preventing malaria, malaria treatment, and community engagement. 

This video, part of a series of videos about malaria, addresses behavior of both men and women in combatting malaria.  It also shows men and women taking part in planning their families.