Resources with Area of Focus: Family Planning and Reproductive Health

  • This material is intended to increase awareness about maternal and neonatal health. It emphasizes post natal care including vaccination and FP services. This poster will be displayed in  public places. As part of maternal and neonatal health, it also shows the importance of male engagement.

  • This material is a flip book and is intended to be used at health facility level. It has integrated messages on reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health, and malaria prevention. It is helpful for conducting IEC sessions at HC.

  • Save Generations Organization believes that information is power and that providing access to information to adolescents and youth is an important part of empowerment.

  • This is part of a video series on malaria. In this video, viewers see service providers urging patients to adhere to their chosen method of family planning, and at the same time addresses misinformation about the causes of malaria. Also included is information about preventing malaria, malaria treatment, and community engagement.