Resources with Area of Focus: Infectious Diseases

  • Rwanda National Health Research Registry is an integrated database of medical research carried out in Rwanda.

    The research reports that are included were analysed, presented, and approved by National Health Research Committee.

  • This flyer, produced by the Rwanda Ministry of Health, provides information about Ebola and cholera and describes what Rwandans can do to prevent both diseases. 

  • Tumenye Indwara y’Umwijima (Hepatite) Iterwa na Virusi yo mu Bwoko bwa B na C it is a factsheet that produced by the Ministry of Health in Rwanda intending to alert Rwandan citizens on the existing of Hepatitis B and C
    This factsheet provides key information on:
    1. What is hepatitis B and C
    2.Means of prevention
    4.What is the Rwanda Govt planning to do?