American Refugee Committee

Project is no longer active.

Since 1994,The American Refugee Committee has built a team that can act quickly in emergencies - but who can think creatively, act compassionately, and constantly strive to be simply better. Our programs are diverse in Rwanda, with health, livelihoods, nutrition, protection, shelter, and sanitation and sanitation programs throughout the refugees camps where we work. Rwanda is a small country, but our team - and the people we serve - are mighty. Our health services save lives. More children are reaching their fifth birthday than ever before, with 100% vaccination rates and vast improvements in maternal health. We provide clean, reliable water through ARC’s camp-wide water systems. Our strength is in the design and construction of durable, cost-effective structures, we build housing, latrines, showers, and cooking areas. We help people to rebuild resiliency and find a place of stability in an otherwise uncertain world.

Current Districts Working in Rwanda: 
Project End Date: 
December 31, 2020